NSS Curriculum

NSS Curriculum in Wesley College

1. Senior Secondary Academic Subjects
Core Subjects:

Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Citizenship and Social Development

Elective Subjects:

Chinese History, Economics, History, Geography, Chinese Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Mathematics Extended Part Module 1 and 2

Subject Combinations:

Students may opt for 2 to 3 elective subjects on top of the 4 core subjects


2. Other Learning Experiences and Student Learning Profile

  • Engage students in various programmes through  the five areas of OLE: Community Service, Moral and Civic Education, Career-related Experiences, Physical Development and Aesthetic Development thus to nurture a balanced development
  • Current arrangements - a total of 584 hours in 3 years,  approximately 17.6% of learning hours
  • Implement a school-based subject - "Integrated Performing Arts (IPA)" (one hour per week as a non-examination subject, but with higher requirements than general extra-curricular activities) to develop students' interest and potential in arts and sports.

3. Cooperative Study and Cooperative Teaching

  • Meeting the needs of diverse learners in senior secondary, we have implemented Cooperative Study and Cooperative Teaching in various subjects including Chinese and English Language. Through optimizing the teacher-student ratio, we believe that students' mastery of subjects will be enhanced.

4. Diversified Learning Strategies

We are committed to catering for learners’ diversity and enhancing learning efficiency. Our school actively promotes learning studies in various subjects and implements a wide range of teaching strategies, such as e-learning and cooperative learning, so as to foster the quality of teaching and learning.


5. Nurturing Students' Potentials

With a view to cultivate passionate learners, we have launched several schemes for outstanding students.  Students will have a chance to receive intensified academic training in Star Classes and among Talent Pool.


6.  Stepping Out of the Classroom as a Global Citizen

In line with NSS curriculum, we have been organizing a variety of domestic and overseas exchange activities, including study tours in the Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Canada, empowering our students to assume active roles as global citizens.





1. 高中開設的科目





2. 其他學習經歷﹝OLE﹞及學生學習概覽﹝SLP

  • 著重社會服務、德育及公民教育、與工作相關的經驗、體育及藝術五項的均衡發展
  • 現時編排– 3年共584小時,佔約17.6%學習時數
  • 制訂「才藝科」﹝每周佔一小時,非考試科目,但較一般課外活動有較高要求﹞,以發展學生對於體藝興趣及潛能。


3. 分組教學、教師協作教學



4. 多元化學習策略



5. 發展學生潛能



6. 走出教室,建立世界視野